The Spider Harvey is the second restriction block demon Harvey takes the form of.


The demon is shaped like a giant spider with a blue body and dark blue ring on its torso. He has eight red eyes and a stitch scar on his left.


Coming Soon


The second demon appears when Lilli first uses the ball of wool to make Harvey hypnotize her. Then, when she arrives, the spider, hissing, slowly tells her vaguely about contradicting to adults is being bad. Lilli then uses a tarred rib cage to place it on his head, causing the gigantic Mother Superior to snatch him and take him away from Lilli. It is presumed he died from being squished too much from the giant.

Later, he is shown at the final battle fighting alongside the other demons Lilli had confronted before, except he is Mother Superior's restrictions. As the fight commences, he and the other demons die with Mother Superior learning the hard way that Lilli COULD do whatever she wants to do.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Preventing Contradicting
  • Protection

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