Birgit - was a minor character in Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes.

Appearance Edit

She had straight, red hair, which she formed in a ponytail and fair skin, she also wore glasses. She would wear a black, plain dress and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Birgit was Mother Ignatz's favourite, as she was very ambitious, strict and hardworking. When she was ordered to make a banner for the convent, she was able to do it in a few minutes. But she turned to be also very gullible, as she believed Lilli that Mother Superior ordered her to make a guinea pig banner.

Death Edit

She committed suicide by hanging after a nervous breakdown caused by Mother Superior's dissapointment in her. Lilli sees her body when she goes to the classroom with Mother Ignatz after giving her the puma banner. She participates in a ceremony where Birgit's hanging corpse covered in pink paint is given a medal.